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Jan 6, 2013 7:30am PST
field for a long time, i don't know how long that went on, i kinda lost track of time there. between god speaking to me and my training and all the things that i should do kicked in, it was like, "no, i can't sit here. i can't do this. we'll both die." 'cause if i didn't find shelter, i didn't have enough warmth to be able to survive that night, and the only place that i was gonna be able to truly help was once i had a phone... and more people, and we could do a probe line and really search the field. so that meant that i had to get rescuers and get help, 'cause i wasn't going to find her by myself. so i made the decision then to leave the debris field, knowing that i was probably abandoning her if she was still alive somewhere. she probably wouldn't be by the time i got help 'cause it was gonna take a really long time. and that was very, very difficult. and so i did then... i had to climb back up... the ridge we'd just come down and descend the opposite side. sarah: it had to be the most difficult moment of my dear son's life. i knew how close he and lygon were. to leave that debris fie
Jan 13, 2013 7:30am PST
democrats. >> are they part of his program as well? >> are you kidding? you don't think they spent all that money and all that effort to stand by and watch yesterday? no way. they intend now to be aggressive about trying to get california back being the golden state in every category and that clearly in some cases means spending more money for certain things. >> there's another thing that the governor has brought out to bring back california to its golden days. he wants to change regulations in the state. he wants to make it more business friendly. in fact, he might even be trying to change some of the environmental rules. how do you see that playing with the democrats and the republicans? >> well, the republicans of course are going to be on board but this exposes one of those -- the main fissures that we are seeing emerge state wife, you have -- the fault lines are now between moderate democrats and more liberal democrats and that's going to be exposed in this effort. >> how do you see it going down where he says i'll spend more but you have to g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2